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Wayne Ricardo Gibson
Steel Drum Soloist & Musician
Wayne Ricardo Gibson   My passion for playing came late at 15 years old, back in Barbados. My neighbour had a Steel Band and I was privileged to be able to spend time in his pan yard trying my hand at the instrument there.

As with most Caribbean musicians of that time, we played what instrument was available to us. And so I tried the Electric Bass, the Guitar, the Flute and all the different types of Steel Drums. As I travelled through Europe, I began to playing more and more the Steel Drums and much less the other instruments.

I still, on some occasions, keep up my skills on other instruments by playing at home on most of my recordings in the studio with the Bass and the Guitar. The Concert flute is now only for my private pleasure.

As well as Barbados I have worked on Cruise ships based in Miami/FL and Porte Rica, many years in England as a Soloist, and as musician in Jazz, Soca and Pop bands. While living in England I have also worked as a Steel Drum music teacher and lecturer in the South of England for 15 years, mainly giving workshops in age groups 6 years to Adults.

My old main bands are called Street Level (Jazz band) and Socafire (Caribbean Music band) from Dorset. The One World Band Project as well as many on Combos of all types and as a Soloist.

I have been living and working in Switzerland since 2007, playing with Ferrum Helveticum Steel and some old music colleagues who have also found the Swiss life idyllic. It’s a perfect base for both life and work.

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